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Elevate Your Events with 360 Photo Booths: 6 Essential Tips

360 Photo Booths have taken the event industry by storm, allowing users to capture panoramic videos that offer a 360-degree view of the moment. They’re a hit at weddings, parties, and corporate events, and for a good reason. These booths provide a unique, engaging, and interactive experience that leaves guests with unforgettable memories.

However, to ensure your 360 Photo Booth creates the best videos, you need more than just the booth itself. Here are six essential tips for creating amazing 360 videos at your events:

  1. Invest in a Quality 360 Booth
    Your journey begins with choosing the right 360 booth. Given the popularity of these booths, numerous manufacturers claim to offer the best product. However, you’ll need to invest time in research to find the most reliable and high-quality booth. Reputable brands like Orcavue, Mobibooth, and Dzentech are worth considering. Remember, a poorly made booth can lead to shaky videos, safety hazards, or damaged equipment.
  2. Choose the Right Photo Booth Software
    The software is the heart of your 360 booth operation. It should offer features like a video builder, various sharing options, online galleries, slideshow capabilities, and robust online support. For an added advantage, look for software that includes analytics, competitions, and customizable emails or online galleries. Chacktok, a leading provider in the market, offers a comprehensive suite of these features and more.
  3. Use High-Quality Recording Equipment
    The recording device you use will significantly influence the quality of your 360 booth videos. Popular choices include iPhones, iPads, and DSLRs, each with their advantages and limitations. Always opt for the latest model to ensure you capture the highest quality videos.
  4. Prioritize Lighting
    Good lighting is crucial for producing high-quality videos. While natural light suffices for outdoor daytime events, you might need additional lighting for indoor or evening affairs. Consider using LED lights around your booth and attaching a small ring light to the booth’s arm to ensure optimal illumination.
  5. Design Engaging 360 Video Templates
    With a creative template, a 5-10 second video clip can transform into an engaging piece of content. Reflect the event’s theme and branding in your template design. Consider adding intros and outros, soundtracks, slo-mo, reverse speed, jump cuts, and special effects. Chacktok’s VideoFX builder offers all these features and more. For beginners, there’s a library of pre-made templates that can be edited to suit your needs.
  6. Offer Seamless Sharing Options
    To keep your guests engaged and the queue moving, provide seamless sharing options. Chacktok offers various sharing solutions such as AI Sharing, QR Contactless Sharing, Sharing Station, and Instant Text or Email Sharing. These options allow guests to send their 360 videos instantly to their phones, enhancing their experience.

Incorporating a 360 booth into your event planning can significantly enhance your offerings, boost your revenue, and provide a unique, memorable experience for your guests. With the tips above, you’re well-equipped to start leveraging 360 booths for your events.

For more information about our software and to answer any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Chacktok team. Our support team is available 24/7, ready to assist you every step of the way.

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