Energize Your 360 Photo Booth Event with the Perfect Music

Hosting an event or planning a party? You’ve probably got the drinks, appetizers, decorations, and even a photo booth lined up. But remember, no party is truly complete without great music! This article will help you curate the perfect list of songs for your 360 photo booth to get everyone on the dance floor.

360 Photo Booths are the current rage. They’re the perfect addition to any event – be it a rocking party, a unique touch to your wedding, or a fantastic promotional tool for your business.

But the cherry on top? The background music selection. The power of music to create lasting memories is undeniable. The right song can transform your event, setting the perfect mood for those photo booth videos. With the right soundtrack, you can turn simple videos into exciting memories.

A 360 photo booth is a surefire way to dazzle your guests and audience. The “spin pod 360” captures your moments in a lifelike fashion. Strike a pose, flaunt your dance moves, and let it transform them into Insta-worthy videos. But to truly set the mood and elevate those videos, you need the right musical overlay.

To ensure your event and photo booth don’t fall flat, we’ve compiled a list of songs that will bring the energy to your event. Here are some popular and trendy tunes guaranteed to impress.

Trendy Songs for 360 Photo Booths
These songs will fill your photo booth with an infectious energy, perfect for any event – weddings, birthdays, showers, or casual gatherings. These tunes will have people reminiscing about your party for weeks and months to come.

“Sho – Vikara”: This track combines a traditional rhythm with a pulse-raising beat, perfect for getting everyone in the party mood.

“Cupid – Fifty Fifty”: This K-pop number, available in English and Korean versions, is perfect for adorable lip-syncs on the 360 Spin pod.

“Beat Automotive (So So So Viral) – WZ Beat”: An instrumental beat with a hard bass, sure to get your guests hyped and ready to strike a pose for the 360 photo booth.

“Mon Love Oho – Liamsi”: This hip-hop/rap track will immediately set a cool vibe, allowing guests to stylishly show off their event outfits in their 360 photo booth videos.

“Cupid (Twin Version) – Fifty Fifty”: Another hit from the same K-pop group. Its catchy beat and infectious melody will get your guests grooving in no time.

“Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake”: This vibrant song is sure to get even the most reserved guest dancing and posing.

“Believe – Cher”: A beloved dance and karaoke tune. Friends won’t hesitate to hop on the spin pod and belt this one out while being recorded.

“Mr Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra”: A timeless crowd-pleaser suitable for all ages.

“Shake It Off – Taylor Swift”: A well-loved hit that will get everyone dancing as soon as it’s played.

“Calm Down – Rema & Selena Gomez”: An afrobeat with enough sass to inspire fabulous poses in front of the spin pod camera.

Wedding Songs for 360 Photo Booths
Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and the perfect photo booth song list doesn’t have to be another stressor. Here are some of the most requested wedding songs perfect for your photo booth.

“I Want to Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston”: This classic hit is a wedding soundtrack staple.

“I believe in love – The Darkness”: A fun, light-hearted song perfect for a declaration of love without being overly serious.

“Cake by the Ocean – DNCE”: A modern classic that’s almost guaranteed to be on every wedding playlist.

“Marry You – Bruno Mars”: A pop, doo-wop, and soul song often used for proposals, making it a great choice for wedding or bridal shower photos and videos.

“The Way You Look Tonight –Frank Sinatra”: A wonderful song for any moment of the night, perfect for couples to dedicate to each other.

Party Songs for 360 Photo Booths
Nothing gets a party going like good music. These songs will keep everyone dancing all night long, and that energy will be captured perfectly in their photo booth shots.

“Like a Prayer – Madonna”: This song’s electronic guitar and drum beats will instantly lift the mood and vibe of any party.

“Thank you, next – Ariana Grande”: An anthem for all the singles, perfect for posing in the photo booth.

“I’m Good (Blue) – David Guetta, Bebe Rexha”: This emotional club hit blends Rexha’s heartfelt vocals with piano chords, providing an exhilarating dancefloor experience.

“Unholy – Sam Smith”: With its pop beat and opening choir, this song will have your guests dancing and moving to the beat.

“Flowers – Miley Cyrus”: This pop song with disco and funk influences carries self-empowering lyrics, making it perfect for boosting the confidence of your friends in the photo booth.

Wrapping It Up
When it comes to creating your 360 photo booth playlist, there’s no need to stick to the script. Compile these songs and add your crowd’s favorites. Ensure they align with the event’s atmosphere, and time the cuts and movements to the rhythm of the track according to your guests’ dance moves. The perfect playlist will elevate your event from great to unforgettable.

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