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Four Events You Can Jazz Up By Using A 360 Camera Photo Booth With ChackTok!

If you’re like us, creating memories is presumably one of your biggest goals out of any event you host. And what better way to create memories than to take lots of photographs? After all, it’s the memories that our friends, family, and clients cherish through looking at the photos and videos of an event.

So whether it’s a personal and intimate gathering or a large-scale event open to the masses, having a 360 camera photo booth is a great way to create media that will become a lifetime memory.

In this blog, we have covered all the events where you can install a 360 photo booth. So, jazz up these four events by installing 360 camera photo booths for events right away!

Wedding Events

Weddings are a once-in-lifetime event that everyone wants to make the most memories from. Your friends, family, and everyone in your life comes together as you take on this next big step with your significant other. Having a 360 degree photo booth to capture the event and beautiful photographs of the closed one is surely an awesome way to make lifelong memories!

Corporate and Networking Events

In recent years, businesses have started to invest in 360 camera photo booths for corporate and networking events. This is because 360 photo booths allow businesses to capture their attendees at an event and even kick-start some word-of-mouth marketing by helping attendees share their videos on social media.

360 camera photo booth installation at events

Birthday Parties

Cozy and intimate birthday with your soulmate or a huge birthday bash with all your friends? Whatever your way of celebration is, a 360 degree photo booth is a hit. Pair up your 360 camera photo booth with ChackTokto further jazz up your videos and photos with the 360 photo booth app filters and effects!

Exhibitions and Product Launches

Businesses also need to think of innovative ways when launching new products. And 360 degree photo booths have become a go-to for this purpose. From taking immersive videos of the launch event to capturing interactive videos of the attendees, 360 camera photo booths offer a solid launchpad for new products.

Take the Party Up a Notch with ChackTok and GoPro!

Musical concerts, funfairs, or corporate events at the beach. Now get 360 camera photo booths for eventsto make every moment memorable. Talk to our team at LINKSIGN UK CO. to buy ChackTok 360 photo booth app and GoPro 360 photo and video booth anywhere globally.

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