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Four Types Of Media You Can Record Using a 360 Camera Photo Booth and ChackTok Together!

360 camera photo booths have changed the way we take our photographs. These portable and unique photo booths have become common at various personal and corporate events in recent years. Making our photographs and videos more fun, 360 camera photo booths are both fun and next-gen technology.

But let us tell you that 360 camera photo booths are not useful unless paired with a great 360 photo booth app such as ChackTok. Therefore, using both ChackTok and GoPro 360 camera photo booths is important to enjoy immersive photography experiences.

If you want to know more about the type of media you can record with ChackTok paired with a 360 camera photo booth, then read this blog right away!

360 Degree Videos

360 degree videos are all the rage these days! Birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and corporate events are incomplete without 360 camera photo booths that allow us to create rotational videos on the revolving photo booth. But to make your 360 degree videos more fun, engaging, and lit up, pairing your 360 photo booth with ChackTok app is ideal.

360 Degree Panoramic Photos

Gone are the days of standstill and monotonous,single-angle photos. Now with ChackTok and 360 photo booths, you can take your photos to the next level with fun panoramic shots! Picture the background behind you and easily create an immersive 360 degree photo.

A GoPro 360 camera photo booth

Boomerangs and Animations

Who doesn’t love boomerangs? We sure do! 360 camera photo booth with ChackTok is an ideal tool for making funky boomerangs and animation videos. GIFs, short reels, and slo-mo highlight videos are all now doable with the help of ChackTok and GoPro 360 camera photo booths.

Marketing and Product Promotion

Marketing has changed considerably in recent years. And experts say that using 360 degree videos and photos to make promotional content is surely a solid marketing strategy. If you want to take your branding and product photography to the next level, rely on ChackTok coupled with GoPro 360 degree video booth.

Get Your Hands On ChackTok Now!

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