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How 360 Camera Photo Booths Are Redefining Wedding Photography

Gone are the days when wedding ceremonies were slow-paced and monotonous for attendees. Thanks to the latest trend of installing 360 camera photo booths for weddings, wedding attendees can have so much more fun than they could in the past!

If you’re about to get married or work in the event planning industry, here’s why you should consider getting a 360 photo booth for your next wedding event.

Increased Guest Engagement

Instead of waiting for a photographer to capture guests’ photographs, 360 camera photo booths allows guests to entertain themselves. By stepping on the podium of a 360 photo booth such as GoPro, guests can take some fun photos. You can also use a 360 photo booth app to create auto event stations, add music to the panoramic videos, and help your guests fully enjoy the experience at the wedding.

Fun for All Attendees

Traditional wedding photography only caters to the bride and groom or their families. Most other guests feel left out and rely on their phones for selfies. But that changes now!

With 360 photo booths, all guests can capture their videos and photos without needing a photographer to pay attention to them. And as 360 photo booths are user-friendly, every age group can have fun at a wedding now.

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Quick Social Media Sharing

It’s time for us all to shine on social media! And what better way to do it than through immersive 360 degree videos and photos? With social media integration on 360 camera photo booth software, guests can quickly share their videos on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, thus making your wedding viral on the spot!

Numerous Creative Ways to Personalize

360 camera photo booths become much more fun when used with 360 photo booth app ChackTok. With numerous layouts, lighting, music, and interactive tools to choose from, ChackTok takes the experience of 360 degree videos and photos to the next level. Allow your guests to unleash their creativity and personalize their videos with fun tools!

Immersive, Artistic, and Magical Moments Captured!

360 camera photo booths for weddings have become the way to capture immersive, artistic, and magical moments. Now every guest at a wedding party will have fun to the fullest!

Get your hands on the 360 camera photo booth GoPro and its 360 photo booth software ChackTok now. Talk to our team at LINKSIGN UK CO. to make your weddings memorable with immersive 360 degree videos and photos.

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