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How a 360 Photo Booth Can Make a Wedding Event Successful: 7 Ideas

Recently, 360 photo booths have become a popular addition to parties and corporate events. These booths help guests capture moments from all angles and create interactive, unique photos.

As a leading provider of 360 photo booth apps for iPhone, we discuss how 360 photo booths can make a wedding event successful:

1. Using GIFs

Guests can create animated short clips that can be shared across social media. This option is ideal for wedding events with a playful, lighthearted atmosphere. GIFs add an extra level of entertainment and fun, helping guests create and share their fun moments with friends and family.

2. Using boomerang

Similar to GIFs, a boomerang is a looping, short video that can be shared on social media. This option is ideal for wedding events with a youthful, trendy crowd. Guests can create and share their moments instantly so they can remember and relive the fun times later.

3. Using 360 videos

Guests can capture 360-degree videos and share them on social media. They can capture a complete view of the event and share it with their family and friends.

4. Using a green screen

By using green screens, guests have the option to choose from a range of backgrounds and develop photos that look like they were taken in a different location. This option is perfect for wedding events with an adventure/travel theme. Guests can capture photos in a way that makes them look like they’re in outer space, standing in front of famous landmarks, or exploring the world.

5. Using virtual reality

This can give your guests an immersive, unique experience, helping them step aside and be transported to another world. It’s an ideal option for wedding events with tech-savvy individuals, where visitors can delve into and interact with virtual environments, from flying through space to walking on a beach.

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6. Using slow motion

If your wedding event has a party, and playful vibe, your guests will love the slow-motion feature. This option offers a unique, fun way for guests to capture their memorable moments, adding a dash of excitement and entertainment like no other.

7. Using an infinity booth

This type of photo booth intrigues and mesmerizes guests as it uses mirrors to create a kaleidoscopic effect — it’s a great option if your wedding has a space or futuristic theme. The booth has a modern, sleek look, with reflective surfaces that add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any event.

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