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The Benefits of Investing in a 360 Photo Booth

People love taking pictures to remember event highlights — and adding a photo booth offers the attendees a chance to capture moments like these in an engaging, fun, and exciting way. But sometimes, the ordinary photo booth isn’t enough. This is why more and more people are opting for a 360 photo booth.

Here, we discuss the benefits of a 360 photo booth:

A 360 photo booth isn’t as expensive as you think

There’s no better choice than 360 booths if you’re looking to offer your guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience at your events. Luckily, a booth doesn’t cost as much as hiring a professional photographer.

Helps you collect data to optimize your future marketing campaigns

As your guests capture and share their images, you’re gathering data on who they are. Photo booths have assets that can help improve your communication with attendees post-event. This doesn’t just enhance your event ROI (return on investment) but also has data to augment your future marketing and sponsorship opportunities.

Offers you a new revenue stream

Photo booths can help you generate revenue. Some events managers sell ad space on the email template, booth skin, digital background, and photo frame. With convenient online user interfaces, you can change logos and graphics without hassle.

a couple using a 360 photo booth

Keeps your guests entertained

Getting invitees and guests interested throughout an event can be hard.

With such unquestionably fun and imaginative prospects as the photo booth offers, your guests will stay entertained during the course of an event.

Improves the reputation of your business

All the photos, videos, GIFs, and slo-mos that carry your branding have a huge positive impact on the portfolio and credibility of your business.

Helps you with word-of-mouth marketing

Sharing isn’t an issue with a 360 photo booth since it comes with instant social media sharing capabilities. They help your guests capture and share their photos through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Besides spreading the word about your event, sharing helps people trust a business better when they hear about it from people within their social circles.

Chacktok’s app for 360 photo booth helps you take your events on a whirl

For events that deliver excitement, use Chacktok — the best 360 photo booth app.

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