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The Pros of Owning a 360 Photo Booth

The 360 photo booth is one of the best innovations introduced into the photography industry that can aid creativity. The new invention has transformed the perspective of people towards events, meetings, and conferences, helping people solve the difficulty of hosting engaging, exciting events that guarantee comfort to the attendees.

Here, we discuss the pros of owning a 360 photo booth:


360 photo booths can be customized to fit any event — whether it’s a boardroom meeting or a book launch. Infuse the photo booth into various plans by showing you pay attention to details. With a 360 photo booth by your side, you can help your brand make a tangible statement.

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Social media visibility and live coverage

Your brand gains more visibility when your guests share photographs and footage of the event. Just imagine how positively your brand image will be affected by the authentic online content accumulated. Potential clients from other places can view fascinating footage of your event and engage with your audience.

One of the best ways to advertise your business is through word of mouth. When you have a 360 photo booth in your event, your attendees will share the pictures instantly. Potential clients can connect with your brand better if someone they know recommends your business. Simply put, a 360 photo booth doesn’t just enhance the experience of your guests but gives your brand the credibility it deserves.


Hosts always want their guests to stay for the entire event. With a 360 photo booth in place, you can prevent your guests from leaving after a few minutes. When your attendees see a 360 photo booth, they’ll naturally be tempted to capture and share pictures. With the right props, a 360 photo booth will significantly boost your event’s engagement.

The 360 photo booths help your guests maximize boring sessions and tea breaks. The booth instantly displays the full-circle view on a screen while they get their image. If they want, your guests can share their memorable moments on their social media handles.

Chacktok’s app for 360 photo booth helps your events deliver fun and excitement

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