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The Ultimate Power Bank Maintenance Guide

The boom in the smartphone industry has resulted in a range of mobile accessories. The power bank is one accessory that was quickly promoted to an essential item. As its name suggests, it’s a power reserve device for days your phone battery refuses to cooperate. All your internet-enabled devices devour a lot of power; therefore, a charged power bank always comes in handy.

Like all your electronics, your power bank has a lifespan. We have compiled together a guide on power bank maintenance so you can make the most of your investment.

Charging Using a Power Bank

The capability of a power bank largely depends on its energy capacity, measured in milliamp hours (mAh). A higher mAh count will enable charging for bigger devices like laptops and more rounds of charge for smartphones.

Using a power bank is simple enough. Charge your power bank like you would charge any of your other devices. When you need to use the power bank, simply connect it to your device using the relevant cables.

Storing and Caring For a Power Bank

Like all batteries, the power bank’s battery will degrade. However, you can use a few tips and tricks for power bank maintenance to ensure maximum lifespan for the battery.

1. Avoid Using it in high heat and humidity

Your power bank likely hosts a Lithium-ion battery, which tends to overheat. There have been extreme cases of faulty power banks catching fire because of overheating. Even without being a safety hazard, the power bank can get damaged in such environments. Moist conditions can also trigger short circuits.

You can easily avoid a fire hazard by avoiding charging your devices under direct sunlight and in moist conditions.

2. Avoid leaving it with a full or empty charge

Batteries typically degrade more when they are fully charged or not charged at all. Technologies like intelligent charging have been integrated with phones and laptops to prevent this strain on batteries. However, this technology hasn’t transitioned well into power banks, so you have to manually take care of how charged it is.

Doing something as simple as ensuring your power bank lies between 20% to 80% battery charge when it’s not being used will go a long way toward protecting your batteries.

3. Use your power bank often

Another counter-intuitive fact is that the batteries will degrade more if your power bank is left unused for long periods. Keeping the battery charged and running will keep the lithium-ion battery from over-discharging. So, don’t just toss the power bank in a corner when you’re back from vacation.

4. Choose a high-quality power bank

Picking a high-quality power bank in the first place will ensure lasting battery life. Invest in a strongly-cased power bank that will save you from the added costs of repair and replacement for the next few years.

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