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Why Buying 360 Camera Photo Booth Is Better Than Renting?

In the world of panoramic photography, immersive experiences, and digital content creation for social media, 360 camera photo booths have become a must-have for everyone.

Whether you’re a small-scale startup, a corporate, or an event planner helping your clients create and throw once-in-a-lifetime parties, buying a 360 camera photo booth is essential. However, some people may contemplate hard to pick between rental 360 photo booths or buying their own equipment.

For those in doubt, we have it covered. Here are some of the reasons why buying a 360 camera photo booth is always better than renting it!


On the surface, buying a 360 photo booth may seem like an intimidating and expensive decision. However, if you consider the long-term cost of renting and maintaining someone else’s equipment, you will know that buying 360 camera photo booths is always better. By investing in a 360 camera photo booth, you’re able to avoid all the additional costs that come with rental equipment, including transport, service, and operator fees.

No Liability

It’s all good and easy to rent out a 360 photo booth till it malfunctions at your event. This is when it becomes a huge liability that no one wants to take. Renting a 360 camera photo booth means that you’re responsible for someone else’s equipment that you have not maintained and will be held liable if something goes wrong. This is why buying 360 camera photo booths is better.

360 photo booth with a box

Freedom to Customize

360 camera photo booths have 360 photo booth apps that are connected with the booth to personalize the created media. By investing in a 360 photo booth and 360 photo booth software, you have full control over the customization of your booth and the app. You can make personalized videos, add brand logos and stickers, or choose a photo booth color that matches your brand’s theme.

Side Hustle Opportunity

Buying 360 photo booth also means kick-starting a side business! When you’re not using your 360 camera photo booth, you can rent it out and earn some money. And believe it or not but you will cover the cost of your initial investment sooner than you think.

Buy 360 Camera Photo Booth Now!

Buying 360 camera photo booths is definitely better, but the question is which 360 photo booth is the best one to buy in a highly diverse market?

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