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Why ChackTok’s 360 Photo Booth can be a Perfect Addition to Your Event

An immersive, interactive 360 photo booth is a great way to add excitement and engagement to any event. Your guests can use Chacktok’s 360 camera booths to film videos or GIFs and explore their surroundings in real time. This innovative feature is what truly sets our 360 photo booths apart and guarantees that your guests will have a memorable experience.

Here are some other things that a 360 photo booth can do for your event:

A way to learn more about your customers

Understanding the success of an event requires tracking its analytics, including its social engagements. Analyzing the data from an event is a breeze when you have a place for people to share their experiences.

Insights, shares, impressions, and reach are just some of the valuable information that Chacktok’s360 photo booths collect. Brands and event organizers can save time and effort in the future by storing and retrieving visitor information such as names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses.

Promote your product or brand

These days, 360-degree photo booths are a popular marketing tool for many companies. By using our 360 photo booth, the customer can get a first-person perspective of the product, increasing its perceived value in their eyes.

You can rest easy knowing that your promotional efforts will never fail to impress potential customers because you will never miss a single angle. Attendees of events and trade shows will be more interested in stopping by your kiosk if you have a 360 photo booth setup. It’s ideal for quick marketing campaigns and increasing product awareness.

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Capture HD videos

Making a video that captures every single moment of an event is one of the best ways to keep those precious memories alive forever. And this is even better when the videos are in excellent quality

With a 360-degree photo booth, you can take pictures of the entire scene in brilliant resolution without having to worry about professional videographers trying to direct the scene or distract attention. Besides, your guests will love sharing these videos on their social media accounts.

Give your guests something they won’t forget

Our 360 photo booth is the best way to give your guests a one-of-a-kind experience at your event. In a classic photo booth, people are normally greeted by a reflection of themselves on the screen.

Now imagine that the camera is surrounding them from every angle. Your guests will have a blast taking 360-degree videos of themselves inside the booth. They will have fun getting their photos taken from every angle, and you will have great marketing material to use for future events and campaigns on social media.

Let our 360 photo booths help you capture unforgettable images and videos of your next big event. Explore our online store to shop for 360 photo booth software, LED strip lights, and mobile holders.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns—we’ll do our best to answer them and ensure that nothing stands in the way of your 360 booth experience. Get Chacktok’s 360 photo booth for sale today and watch the magic happen.

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