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Why Get a 360 Photo Booth For Your Wedding?

Designed to capture high-resolution videos, the 360 photo booth offers an unmatched experience. Guests step on a platform where a professional camera attached to a revolving mechanical arm rotates around your guests at high speeds. While rotating, it uses programmatic movements, capturing videos of up to 120 frames per second.

As a leading provider of 360 photo booth apps, we discuss why you need a 360 photo booth for your wedding:

1. Suitable for every age

360-degree photo booths are suitable for every age — it’s wholesome entertainment that’ll surely get smiles from your guests. Compared to basic booths, 360 photo booths have special features that kids can make the most of.

Likewise, older guests can enjoy it too.

2. Keeps your guests engaged

It’s not easy to engage your guests throughout the wedding event. However, with a 360-degree photo booth, you can keep your wedding guests engaged and happy — it’s a great way to make everyone take pictures with you as well as other guests. In fact, your guests will gather around the booth, capturing and sharing pictures.

Not to forget, 360 photo booths can help your guests share these moments with you.

3. Get an all-in-one setup

One incredible thing about a 360 photo booth is the features it offers — from GIFs to slow-mos, a 360 photo booth can work as an all-in-one setup.

As a selfie booth, it can take different types of shots, involving as many people as possible within a shot. It can take selfies and portraits, which means you can take any type of image you want, and even make animated GIFs.

With all the slow-mos, GIFs, pictures, and videos, everyone will love to attend your wedding. You’ll be giving your guests a pretty good time and people will be sharing the pictures they took at your wedding for a very long time.

4. Makes your guests feel like they’re part of the festivities

Most weddings focus on just the bride and groom. Even then, understanding that you’re sharing the best day with your attendees is important. So, try and make them feel like they’re part of something extraordinary. By using a 360 photo booth, you can keep your guests interested and entertained, thereby becoming a great host.

360 photo booths are imaginative ways to incorporate your guests into entertaining activities that you may enjoy. You won’t just be taking pictures, but get awesome, cute slow-mo videos as well.

360 photo booths have the right equipment for both entertainment and interactivity. So, do get shots, dance shots, jump shots, and everything in between.

Chacktok’s app for 360 photo booth makes your events fun

Use Chacktok to make your event memorable and one of a kind— it truly is one of the best 360 photo booth apps.

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