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360 Photo Booth: Definitive Buying Guide

A 360 photo booth is equipped to capture 360-degree images/videos of the people and their surroundings inside the booth. This allows people to take interactive, immersive photos that allow them to view the scene from every angle. Some 360 photo booths even have AR (augmented reality) features that allow users to add digital elements to the pictures/videos that they capture. 360 photo booths are usually used at tradeshows, events, and other public gatherings to offer a unique, fun way for people to capture and share photos.

Here, we discuss some features you should look for in a 360 photo booth:

High-quality graphics

If you’re planning to get a 360 photo booth for your event, ensure you’re getting one with high-quality pictures. To get the best image results, purchase a photo booth with the most advanced technology.

Research, plan, and don’t settle for less. Let your visitors get the best quality pictures and help them make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Customizable background

The background is one of the things that make a photo booth great. You should have a background that’s ideal for the occasion, so ensure your 360 photo booth allows you to customize your background.

Customize the template, and you’ll be in for an incredible party. Make memories with various backgrounds and go to different places — more variety will always mean more fun!

Preset modes

Ensure your 360 photo booth has a number of preset modes. Following are some of the preset modes you should look for:

360 rotation

Make your attendees pose at the centers while capturing their pictures. The rotating booth adds fun to the event, helping people gather around the rotating photo booth and enjoy the moment.

360 virtual reality

360-degree VR coverage adds a unique enhancement to your party. The VR mode surrounds the object within the place, covering the entire venue and making it a fun shoot.

360 freeze booth

This mode requires different cameras at every angle. You can pose in the center of the booth. Ensure you click the cameras at once. Get the right image from different pictures for every angle.

Chacktok’s 360 photo booth app for iPhone and iPad helps rental companies experience 360 spinning with just a single tap

From letting people add text and stickers to photos to allowing attendees to use photos, GIFs, video, and slo-mo, Chacktok’s 360 booth software app has it all.

Get in touch with us directly for more information on our 360 camera booth app!

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