a 360 photo booth

Why You Should Get ChackTok’s 360 Photo Booth and Photo Booth App for Your Next Event

Do you know that you can use ChackTok to capture photos, GIFs, and videos and then edit them? Plus, you can use Bluetooth to connect ChackTok with a 360 photo booth. Since such media works take up plenty of space, ChackTok also offers cloud storage services to preserve your best work.

Why should you purchase a new 360 photo booth from ChackTok?

  • Free business startup consultation
  • Quality materials and design
  • Free assembly assistance (teleassistance)
  • Free warranty (1 year) on damaged parts
  • Free access to their 360 photo booth course
  • Free slow-motion iOS or Android app for 15 days
a 360 photo booth

How does ChackTok’s 360 photo booth app helps you take your events on a whirl?

Use ChackTok (one of the best 360 camera booth apps) in events to deliver excitement and fun like no other. Their GoPro 360 photo booth app is the leading software app solution for event experts. Thanks to their easy-to-use mobile app, it’s very easy for rental companies to enjoy 360 spinning with just a simple tap. Here’s why people love their app:

  • Helps you manage your business or party events in your account
  • Supports fast queue during business events, especially when the internet speed is low, or the number of visitors is high
  • Supports TV screen extension with or without wires
  • Supports GoPro camera connection with or without wires
  • Helps you add background music to videos
  • Offers cloud space for event gallery and sharing
  • Helps you add a color filter and beautify function
  • Helps you add stickers and overlays to photos/videos
  • Records GIF files and share photos as a photo booth
  • Helps you develop business events like share station events and auto station events
  • Helps you develop party events for your photos/videos
  • Shares videos by social software, QR code, or SMS
  • Records boomerang, slow motions, and other types of 360-spinning videos
  • Offers revolutionary built-in wireless control protocol for over ten 360 photo booth brands, allowing ChackTok to smartly control the 360 booths of these brands.

If you’re ready to get started with ChackTok’s 360 photo booth app, download it now. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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