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Five Myths About 360 Camera Photo Booths Debunked!

360 degree photo booths have become increasingly popular in recent years. From wedding and birthday parties to corporate events and trade shows, people are keen to pop up these immersive photo and video booths to make their events memorable.

But like everything that has become popular in the age of social media, 360 camera photo booths are also not immune to some myths. Luckily, you have us to debunk 360 camera photo booth myths and clear your mind as you feel tempted to buy a 360 photo booth for yourself!

360 Camera Photo Booths are Complicated

Many people avoid trying modern-day offerings such as 360 camera photo booths for fear of a learning curve. It’s often assumed that 360 degree photo booths are complicated and only used by tech-savvy youngsters. Neither of the myths is true!

Most 360 camera photo booths are intuitive, come with an easy-to-use 360 photo booth software such as ChackTok, and have a simple touch display to operate. People of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy 360 camera photo booths.

360 Camera Photo Booths are Expensive

Another majority of people who are otherwise keen to try out 360 camera photo booths do not do so because of this myth. It’s perceived that installing 360 camera photo booths is an expensive investment at any event and not feasible for small-scale businesses. The truth, however, is that the rapidly growing trend of 360 photo booths has made it possible for companies to launch affordable and easy-to-use 360 photo booths for the masses.

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360 Camera Photo Booths Work for Big Events

Because we have mostly seen 360 photo and video booths, we think that this awesome photography tool is only viable for large-scale events. Once again, that’s not true! In fact, now, with rental or affordable 360 photo booths, anyone can install a 360 camera photo booth at small gatherings such as weddings and birthday parties.

360 Camera Photo Booths Will Be Soon Obsolete

Some naysayers of 360 camera photo booths are hell-bent on proving that this fun photography tool will soon be out of fashion. But we say, no chance! Considering the rapid development in 360 camera photo booths and the boom in the photo booth market, 360 photo booths are here to stay!

Renting 360 Camera Photo Booths is Better Than Buying

And if you want to debunk the last 360 camera photo booth myth, contact us at ChackTok now! We have affordable 360 camera photo booths such as GoPro and the most amazing 360 photo booth app ChackTok. Read more about our company LINKSIGN UK CO. here.

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