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Here’s How You Can Enhance Your 360 Camera Photo Booth’s Photos And Videos With ChackTok

Photography has greatly revolutionized in recent years, thanks to the 360 camera photo booths that are now seen everywhere. Individuals can create unique marketing videos, take funky panoramic photographs, and make memories by simply hopping onto these 360 degree revolving photo and video booths.

But when using a 360 camera photo booth, it must be integrated with a user-friendly and intuitive 360 photo booth app. Therefore, people who have invested in GoPro 360 camera photo booth prefer ChackTok over every other 360 camera photo booth app.

The ChackTok filters and features that make it one of the most awesome 360 photo booth software are listed below. Read this blog to find out why you need to pair up your 360 camera photo booth with ChackTok.

Add Some Effects and Filters

ChackTok has become one of the most sought-after 360 photo booth apps in recent years. This is mainly because of the diverse range of features the 360 photo booth software offers. Make your 360 videos vintage, funky, monochrome, or vibrant with a touch of your finger.

Make Your Videos Interactive

And not just the filters are awesome. ChackTok is also a great 360 photo booth software for creating interactive and musical videos. You can have fun with the layouts, use different animations, and add the music that best fits your mood. Creating media with ChackTok is both simple and fun!

Screengrab of ChackTok stickers

Have Fun and Experiment

Another ChackTok filter and feature is the ability to add stickers and text in the 360 videos. Now you can make your 360 camera photo booth videos fun by experimenting with the different tools and add-ons offered by the 360 photo booth app.

Seamless QR CodeSharing

Whether you want to share 360 camera photo booth videos with clients or send them out to social media, ChackTok allows you to do this with a simple QR code. All you need to do is scan the code to get a shareable link, after which your 360 degree photos and videos are ready to share anywhere instantly!

Try ChackTok with GoPro 360 Camera Photo Booth Now!

Now that you know of ChackTok’s filters and features that make it a great 360 photo booth app, then connect with us at LINKSIGN UK CO. to get one for yourself. We have GoPro 360 camera photo and video booth to make your photography fun!

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