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Using 360 Photo Booth at a Wedding: 5 Tips

Approximately ten years ago, 360 photo booths became a thing and made their way into a range of events. While many thought these devices were just a fad that would disappear in a couple of years, they’re now a staple service for birthdays and weddings.

Here, we discuss some tips about using a 360 photo booth at a wedding:

1. Have fun

Encourage guests to let loose, capture the moments, and take full advantage of the experience. Remind everyone that the photo booth is a safe place to have fun and be creative.

2. Keep it clean

If you want your photos to turn out great, keep the photo booth area clean. Avoid spilling food/drinks around the booth, and encourage guests to be mindful of their surroundings. You should also ensure that the camera lens is clean, as any marks and smudges can affect the quality of the photos.

3. Use the timer

Since many photo booths have a timer function, they ensure everyone is in the shot. Don’t forget to count down when using the timer; it’ll let everyone know when the photo will be taken. This helps to avoid any confusion or awkward moments while ensuring that everyone strikes a pose when the timer is about to go off.

4. Use the lighting

Lighting is an integral component of any photo booth and can make or break the quality of the photos. Be aware of the lighting in the booth and how it affects the photos. If the lighting isn’t good, it can create unflattering highlights and shadows. In contrast, dim lighting can make the photos look blurry or grainy. If possible, adjust the settings and encourage guests to stand in the best position.

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5. Strike a pose

Striking a pose is the key to taking great photos. Encourage your guests to have fun with their poses and be creative — trying different gestures and expressions can create memorable, fun photos. You may also provide some accessories or props to add some extra flair to the photos.

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